In person events are back

In person events are back

2022 is already halfway through and after two long years baking sourdough and living in our most fashionable pjs, Karolina York has finally hit the road (and the skies) again. This July, we are so excited to be showing in person at CREATE and Premiere Vision in Paris.

If you’re familiar with our studio, you’ll know we really work on the stories behind our collections and make sure our customers know the trends we present… and this year there are so many stories to tell.


A return to what we know

Trade shows used to be like Christmas and happen every year. They were the method we always relied on to present our forecasted trends as well as an opportunity for our customers to make calculated decisions up to 12 months in advance about which designs to run with.

Studies show that sight is the most used human sense, which is why we never questioned the need for in-person trade shows. It’s also why buying online for print studios was always an industry challenge.


During the pandemic, we partnered with German company Vizoo, which offers rendered animation that showcases fabric as close to ‘real life’ as possible. However, even with all the digital technology in the world, there is nothing like getting up close and personal with the real thing. It makes such a difference to be able to see designs with your own eyes rather than through a screen. Attending a trade show also means you can feed off the energy of other customers in the booth (and being at an in-person trade show is the only time you really can get an insight into what other customers are looking at ).

In the three months leading up to a tradeshow, we heavily design into our trend pieces. This year, we have been looking for our newest concepts, researching future-focused trends on WGSN, The Impression, reading data reports on BOF, watching street fashions, visiting exhibition and youth markets across social media platforms as well as looking through our archival history for techniques to revisit. More than ever, we have looked forward to our upcoming trade show as a brilliant way to introduce our studio to a new and refreshed audience, while showcasing new pieces to beloved friends.

Trade Shows are where we create high-impact designs and our most innovative concepts.

We are thrilled to be back in 2022!


Trade Shows attract customers from all over the world and we have many creative exchanges between cultures. Where they used to be as regular as Christmas…this year feels like every Christmas has come at once.

We are planning to use this weekend’s event as a testing market for a lot of new trends and ideas that we have a hunch people are going to love. This year, we’re testing the market with techniques like x-ray florals, arthouse, natures art, new techniques, and vacation prints.

If you haven’t been eagerly anticipating the return to trade shows, remember that studios bring more product to these events, you get to meet with more of the sales team and you have the chance to engage in worthwhile conversations about trends, colours and business in different parts of the globe. These spontaneous discussions are something that the design industry really struggled to replicate online.


What’s more, trade shows are not just about seeing new collections and meeting colleagues in the industry. They also provide the chance to invest in yourself and build your own ideas for your ranges, away from the stress of being stuck at home.

Will we see you there?

We can’t wait to catch up with you (or meet you) at CREATE and Premiere Vision this weekend. It’s recommended to come on day one or two if you want to get a good feel for which fabrics will be making an impression as we enter 2023.

This is a key event if you want to follow the perfect fashion calendar! Other key events include:

Munich Fabric Start X CREATE

August 30th – September 1st, 2022

CREATE is a group of some of the world’s leading design studios.

After many years of showing together at various locations in Paris, an idea was born to continue under a new banner and name, with new motivation and a concept to bring CREATE’s talented textile design studios to a global platform atlocations around the globe.

The London Textile Show

5/6 September 2022

With 500 exhibitors, TLTF is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics, apparel accessories, print studios and vintage garments.

Even after 12 years of exhibiting at trade Shows, we still get nervous putting our collection out there and this year there are extra emotions involved. But we know the nerves will be counterbalanced by seeing our customers getting excited about their opportunity to get their hands on a brand new, one off design.

The last two years have proven the textile and print industries’ ability to evolve and adapt. It’s what we have always done. However, being able to revert to human connection gives us the chance to do what we really do best; explain and share the stores behind our designs.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

Please come and say hello at our stand; we can’t wait to wow you.

Premiere Vision

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