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Imperfect Print Runs & Why We Love Them.

Imperfect Print Runs & Why We Love Them.

Irvine Shirts make handsome floral shirts for men, however the work they do goes beyond beautiful craftsmanship. Recently their founder, Alisdair Irvine, found an opportunity to turn an unfortunate error into a force for good.

When Alisdair saw an imperfect print run of his Karolina York designed fabric, he couldn’t stand the thought of the wastage. So instead he engaged his ethical manufactures to make 700 items of clothing and bedsheets for children at local orphanages in Benin, Africa. New clothes and linens are a rare luxury for these kids, and the additional work means welcome income for those at the manufacturing company.

When I heard about this I wanted to help, and when I saw the photos kids in the orphanage smiling in their new clothes I asked how much fabric they needed. Being in the business of design, we have a limited but not insignificant amount of waste fabric which I have been storing for close to a decade now.

Before long Alisdair and I were catching each other on the phone between our kids’ school runs and bedtimes to talk over this inspiring project. I’m so thrilled to be donating our waste fabric to Alisdair’s cause.

I’d love to invite our clients to join with us and donate any waste fabric to be made into childrens clothing and linen. Please contact me directly if you’re interested in getting involved - bronwyn@karolinayork.com.

I leave you with the advice to follow Alisdair’s lead and find the opportunity in what seems like an imperfection!

Bronwyn Ferguson
Founder & Creative Director
Karolina York

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