Dear international trade show customers,​​​​​​

As the spread of coronavirus continues to directly impact all global trade shows and Australia’s borders remain closed until mid 2021, it is difficult to foresee exactly when Karolina York will be able to return to our usual circuit.

But we refuse to let cancelled shows and locked borders slow our progress, because we know that change actually means opportunity. And although we might not be able to get to our usual trade shows, we are still very much operational and open for business. Like many other industries, we have learned to pivot and adapt, and thanks to the power of digital technology we are now embracing virtual meetings and events.

We are super excited to present to you our digital exhibition in January 2021. This memorable experience will deliver everything and more that you would normally expect from us at a trade show. We are even more excited that as we are not required to travel anywhere, we have drastically reduced our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

We know that nothing can replace inter-personal connections, that unique opportunity to extend relationships and exchange creative ideas. Fortunately, we are still able to meet in person in Sydney, and we remain completely committed to servicing all of our customers by zoom.

It won’t be long before we are all back at trade shows interacting as one community. But in the meantime, let’s ride these changes together and embrace the positive outcomes that are repositioning our industry for the future.

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This site uses cookies. By using KarolinaYork.com, you accept our privacy policy.