A New Era of Karolina York

This year we spent the long days of the Australian Autumn dreaming up a fresh take on Karolina York. And now that Summer breeze is settling in the air, our beautiful new website and refreshed Karolina York brand are finally ready to be shared!

The Karolina York website has long been a place to find inspiring print imagery, but we’re thrilled to now share with you our latest projects, business developments and team achievements.

For our purchasing customers, you’ll notice that our entire online shopping experience has been updated to a more user-friendly platform, tailor-made to fit your needs.

And for those with a keen design eye, you’ll notice that our branding has had a subtle refresh, to reflect a new era of Karolina York.

We’ll still be delivering the on-trend print designs you have come to love, but we’ll also be branching out in new and exciting ways - keep an eye on our website content and these newsletters to hear about what we’re up to.

Thanks for coming along with us on our journey so far, and we hope you love what you see in the future!


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