Since its inception Karolina York remains at the forefront of Australian and International Print Design.

Karolina York's success stems from an unwavering design philosophy; one that honours constant innovation coupled with great passion and care.

The in-house studio stands by this philosophy and continues to create acclaimed designs with signature finesse.
Underlying every collection is a focus on original aesthetic, distinguished colours and technical excellence. Never ones to be confined, each season the designers advance, expanding and exploring the boundaries of print design.

Over the course of this evolution Karolina York has gained a loyal base of both international and local talent, counting Manning Cartell, The Upside, Bec & Bridge, Tigerlily, H&M and Zara amongst its steadfast supporters.

Forever committed to delivering beautiful prints, Bronwyn Ferguson and her passionate team continue to influence and inspire out of Karolina York's creative Sydney hub.

As Featured in The Grace Tales 

What do you love most about what you do?
Our clientele. It really is what keeps me going, I love working with so many different brands and being pushed to offer innovative designs for each of them. I strive towards each design that we produce being an ultra-modern interpretation of trends past and future. We run craft workshops in house where the design team learn artisan skills. I learnt the trade of textile design pre-computers and digital printing. Every concept design created was either hand-drawn or screen-printed. Nowadays many designs are started and finalised on computer. However I still find it so important as a designer to understand the roots of the industry. By having craft days, we all sit around and cut our own lino’s for lino prints, we shibori and tie-dye concepts, we hand-draw and hand-paint florals and geometrics. We weave fabrics to scan in as textures. It’s a skill I like to keep alive in the design team. Creatively I love that we are continually producing new artworks. Each week we are designing between 60 – 80 new one off designs. I have a design team of five now. I used to design full-time myself, but now I work a lot more on the company. I really enjoy the change and looking at new markets. Over the last year, we have picked up further business in Europe and entered into Brazil. Since having Billie I feel so creatively grateful that I am ok with my paintbrushes being down for time being. I know there will come a time when the kids have grown up and I will relish in those days of just drawing, but for now I am loving being a mum and encouraging Billie to paint and jump in card boxes and pretend it’s a boat or a car or a castle.

Can you tell us about your work space?
I feel very lucky to arrive into a workplace, which is an extension of me. I am big believer in creating a space that my staff are proud to work in. I do like a clean and organised environment and everything has its place and is labelled. For me it’s important to try and have a clean space as daily we have paintbrushes, dyes, fabrics and ranges in use throughout the studio space. We are constantly changing the showroom around and have themes every three months in relation to a certain trend we have worked on. It’s nice for our clients to see an ever-changing space. I love having flowers and candles burning and these are always in our showroom.


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